Swivel castor, diameter of 150 mm, polyamide wheel, load capacity up to 300 kg, polyamide core

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Wheel: full polyamide (PA6) wheel, roller bearing,

Advantages: The polyamide wheels have a low rolling resistance, offer good handling on flat surfaces, are shock and impact-resistant and resistant to corrosion.

Applications: Industrial trolleys, material handling in factories, waste containers, transport containers, metal and chemical companies, roll containers for medium loads, tool trolleys, warehouse trolleys.

Suitable substrate: Hard and flat such as tiles, cement and coatings.

Suitable environment: Dry and not permanently moist. With different chemicals and with saturated steam.


Diameter (mm) 150
Width tread 46
Width of base plate (mm) 110
Total height (mm) 185
Bolt Hole diameter (mm) 11
Center distance mounting holes (mm) 105x80
Wheel bearer Roller bearings
Model Swivel wheel
Max. Load (kg) 300
Length of base plate (mm) 135

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